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Conestoga Wagon Rentals
Experience the Wild West 
in Luxury!
Centrally located between Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Lake  Powell and the Grand Canyon lies a secluded, modern pioneer village.  Travel back in time and experience the wild west but in luxury.  

 Come experience the towering ponderosa pines, bubbling water falls, flowing grassy meadows and grazing mule deer. 


- 1 King Bed
- 1 Bunk Bed or 2 Bunk Beds
- Heated Beds
- Private Shower/ Bathroom
- Microwave
- Fridge
- AC/ Heat (Remember This is a Canvas Wagon/ Can still be chilly at night)
- Coffee Maker
- Barbecue Grill
- Picnic Table
- Fire Pit
- Phone Charger outlet (USB)

- Common Area/ Water features, Horse shoe pit, Frisbee golf course, Pavilion, Trampoline, Swings, Hammocks, Water spigot

Laundry facilities: $5 per load (Laundry soap and fabric sheet included)

- Dishes found in bath house laundry area. Free to use. (Wash and return):
- Bowls
- Mugs
- Knives
- Can opener
- Grill tools (spatula, etc) 
- Serving spoons
- Pots
- Pans
- Electric pan
- Dish soap
- Washcloth
- Cleaning rags

Resort Map

David Derry

Our family stayed here during our recent trip out west (which included Zion and Bryce). Our whole family agreed that this was one of the highlights of our trip. We loved the wagons, private bathroom, ability to do laundry, campfire with marshmallows and songs and everything else. We would highly recommend this to anyone. Better than any hotel or anywhere else you could stay. This family has done a great job designing a family friendly experience that we will be talking about for years!
The best of Camping 
with the comforts of Home

Robert and his family are some of the most welcoming hosts I've ever experienced. Our team (the University of Arizona Triathlon Team) stayed at their amazing place after our race earlier that day. The wagons were spacious, the landscape made us feel like we were out in nature while still having the comforts of a hotel. Running water, gas grills and electric blankets made our stay absolutely perfect. (Also, I've never seen so many stars in one night!) I would go back in a heartbeat and am looking to stay there again for more than just overnight.
Michael A.
May 2019
If your looking for a unique experience, don’t think twice, just BOOK IT! Kristy and Robert are kind, funny and awesome hosts. These covered wagons are UH-mazing and brand spankin’ new! They come with a heated mattress pad, portable heater and a/c, if needed for warm or cooler nights. Each wagon has its own designated private bathroom/shower on site within a few steps of your wagon. You can park your car right in front of the wagon. The location is very beautiful on a private ranch right off the road in between Zion and Bryce Canyons. This was a great stay and highly recommend it over any motel. We only stayed one night and would of stayed longer if we weren’t on a time crunch. We will definitely be back in the future.

Trading Post

- Ice cream bars
- Drinks
- Granola bars
- Yogurt
- Ramen noodles
- Sweat shirts 
- Jackets
- Log sleeve t shirt
- T shirt
- Hats
- Handkerchief
- Pottery
- Mugs
- Jewelry
- Toys
- Crafts
- Paints
- Pocket knife 
- Water bottle
- Coasters
- Magnets 

 typically found as left by other guests in our “communal sharing basket”:
- Condiments (ketchup, relish, mustard, mayo)
- Seasoning
- Cooking oil
- Tin foil
- Paper products
- Ziplock bags
- Marshmallows
- Graham crackers
- Hot dogs
- Buns
- Tea
- Other random items

Experience the Wild West in Luxury!

When you think of Western United States, you think of the early pioneer settlers. Rolling below the beautiful cliffs of Zion and Bryce, our pioneer ancestors experienced the simple yet breathtaking landscapes through the windows of their covered wagons. 

Enjoying these beautiful parks while staying in a Conestoga wagon is unique, spiritual and down right exciting. WhisperingPines Glamping Resort allows you to do it with all the luxuries and conveniences of the 21st century.

Whispering Pines Glamping Resort is easily accessed off HWY 89, perfectly located only 35 min from Zion National Park and 40 min from Bryce Canyon. (Right in the Middle)

WP Resort currently has 6 Conestoga Wagons located in the most beautiful valley. 
 After entering through our unique gate, you will meander 1/2 mile under towering Ponderosa Pines, through our flowing grassy meadow, below the white cliffs, past grazing mule deer up into our hidden getaway full of waterfalls, manicured bluegrass sod and old time relics from past. 

Our Wagons are great for couples, solo adventurers, small families and even large family reunions. If your family is larger than 28 individuals, we have a large grass lawn for pitching tents and additional parking areas for campers as well. 

1. Each wagon sleeps 4 with 1 king bed and 1 bunk bed (Two of our wagons sleeps 6: 1 king bed and 2 bunk beds) 

2. Each private bathroom has a shower, sink, toilet and heater. Towels will be provided.

3. Each wagon has a small refrigerator, a microwave, Coffee maker, BBQ grill, picnic table and a fire ring. 

Along with the national parks, our guests enjoy all the activities we provide such as a horse shoe pit, many hammocks for reading and relaxing and streams for the kids to play in. A 4,000 sqft grassy lawn to play soccer and volley ball. We also have a trampoline, a large swing, a tomahawk throw (adult supervision needed) a tree hut with kitchen for the little ones, beautiful hills for hiking, and a huge meadow for flying kites and playing kick ball. We even have special fairy huts and lightning bugs in the trees bringing that fun magical atmosphere.

The large grassy meadow lying beneath the white cliffs is always full of grazing mule deer. Make sure to bring your binoculars so you can see them up close. 

We have gone to great lengths to display some of the original history of our valley. The site is carefully decorated with original features such as the two seater out house used by Old Grandpa Tom and his wife. Also, Seamans Canyon was originally homesteaded by John and Alice Seaman in the mid 1800 s. They had a lumber mill. We found their big pile of scrap wood and have made some neat displays of items commonly found in lumber mills at that time.

As you sit and watch the deer peacefully graze out into the meadow, you can hear the wind whisper through the pines. Listen closely and you will hear Ol Tom Haycock welcoming you to his cherished valley.

 Grocery stores are 20 min away so make sure to stop at a grocery store on your way in. Coming from the North, shop at Panguitch, Coming from the south, shop at Terry s or Family Dollar in Orderville. If coming from Cedar City, shop in Cedar city.

There is a gas station only 2 min away that provides your normal gas station food along with some pretty good steak burgers, chicken wings, and hotdogs. If you are wanting to eat out, I suggest traveling 15 min to Duck Creek village where there is a great deli called The Deli. Orderville also has the Cafe Called the Coffee shop. 
Whispering Pines Covered Wagons Glamping Resort
475 N. Seaman's Canyon, Alton, Ut. 84710 Entrance is on HWY 89, just north of  *Mile Marker 100

*Whispering Pines is not in the actual town of Alton.
We are located directly on HWY 89.  Google and Apple Maps put our entrance at a small gate a little to the north.  Our gate looks like this.
Directly In-between Zion and Bryce
ABOUT US, THE BARRICK FAMILY - 2016, Dr. Robert Barrick and Family of 6 kids left their 6000 sqft home on the golf course in Cedar City, and moved into a 700 sqft, 1960 s hunting cabin off the grid. At the time, it only had one bedroom, one bathroom and a loft. With a record breaking winter (350% of normal) the Barricks grew close as a family and learned how to do hard things as they labored together to help build what you see today as Whispering Pines.

That first year proved to be a defining and character building time for them all. From their generator shed burning down leaving them with little power for over a month, to their daughter being attacked by a bear and courageously chasing it off the mountain. The Barricks had a year to remember.


Horse Trail Rides

We are so excited to have your family visit us here at Whispering Pines.
They are so fun. To have the full pioneer experience, you will want to do this, I promise you won't regret it.  

Rides are 45min long
Times: 8:30am,  9:30am,  10:30am,  11:30am.............6:30pm,  7:30pm

Whispering Pines Guest Prices:
Single Rider ..........$50 
Group of 2..............$60
Group of 3..............$80
Group of 4..............$100
Each additional rider after 4 people are $20 a person

*Let us know ahead of time so we can get you on the calendar.
See you soon,

Barrick Family Band

If you would like to hear us perform, make sure to mention it when you make your reservations. 
My family growing up had a family band called the "Barrick Bluegrass Band". Christy and I decided to carry on the tradition. We like to tell a little about the history of Seaman's Canyon as we mix in a few of our favorite songs.  We aren't exactly "Bluegrass" but we try to be entertaining. I play the guitar, Christy just learned the bass this summer, Hunter the fiddle, Bella the mandolin, Sammy the beat box and Lily the tambourine. We aren't quite professional yet, but we sure are having fun performing for our guests at Whispering Pines Glamping Resort in Southern Utah. Located between Bryce Canyon and Zion national park. If you would like to see us perform, please mention it in your correspondence with us.  If we are available, we would love to sing around the camp fire with your family.

Building the Bath House

Whispering Pines has a bath house that has 6 private bathrooms / showers.  Building the Bath house has been the most challenging project so far.  One of the coolest things about this project is that we used lumber from our valley for the siding.  Using lumber harvested from our own land is so rewarding.  A local friend of mine has a saw mill.  We cut down 10 large Ponderosa Pines. He cut them up and we split the wood 50/50.  Spending time with family on a project like this is the best ever.



2 years ago I was talking to some good friends of mine.  I told them about my beautiful ranch and how I wanted to do some sort of vacation rental, but I wanted to do something different than just boring little cabins like everyone else.  Our property was amazing and I couldn't just settle for mediocre.  Well, it seems I was in luck; they had just purchased some wagons from a new company called "Conestoga Wagons Co." located in northern Utah.  They sounded amazing.  Christy and I drove up to Conestoga Ranch and met with  Jason Olson.  That trip changed everything.  I was so impressed with their operation and I was mostly blown away on just how big these wagons were.  They comfortably fit a king bed and 2 bunk beds.  I also noticed just how authentic and sturdy these wagons were.  We were so impressed, we had to have them.

We waited a few months and before we knew it, they were on their way down.  

Pictures of Our Visit to Conestoga Wagons Co.


For 4 years now, we have dreamed about having a large grassy meadow to play in.  After lots of hard work we were finally ready.  Getting the sprinkler system up and running was a personal battle, but man is it worth the effort.  We brought in 17 pallets of sod.  
Not only do we love the grass, but the deer do as well.  Every night we have a few small bucks enjoying the fresh green carpet. 
The pictures below show what it looked like before and after.

Water Features

Not sure how or why, but I have always loved waterfalls.  Waterfalls relax me and add so much beauty.  I was moving a gigantic log that had fallen after being struck by lightning.  The lightning left a big open gash down the side.  As I moved it around with the tractor, I saw the the opening and imagined water running out of it.  The next thing I knew, I was designing a waterfall and stream.  I love the way it turned out. We even had help from my mom and dad when pouring the cement. The memories with my parents will always be special to me and my family.

Deer in the meadows

One of the neatest features of Whispering Pines Glamp is the wildlife.  It is rare to not see many beautiful mule deer grazing out in the meadow.  At night, around 30-40 bucks gather in the meadow. (Especially May-Oct).  Beautiful birds, butterflies, chipmunks and Squirrels are running all over the place.  Just the other day we received these photos of deer coming right into camp.  
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